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Agile is hard! You need an experienced guide to help you find the right path and stay on it as you face challenges along the way.

We provide Scrum Alliance® Certified Training to help you get off to a good start and continue improving for the long haul. We’ll help you build great teams, great leadership, and great products.

Scrum Alliance® Certified Training for your needs

One size does not fit all. Our Scrum Alliance® Certified Training is based on the best knowledge currently available. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to your unique needs. Our training is built on Agile values and principles - flexible, powerful, continuous improvement for your products and your organization.

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The Agile Team Handbook, Second Edition

Upcoming Scrum Alliance® Certified Training

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The Agile Team Handbook, Second Edition

Completely revised and expanded, The Agile Team Handbook, Second Edition, will help guide you, your Team, and your organization on your Agile journey using Scrum.

Now available in paperback and Kindle!

The Agile Team Handbook, Second Edition


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